Welcome to High Point Pony - New Pony Rules for 2018

Updated Thursday October 26, 2017 by High Point Pony.

Pony International recently conducted their annual meeting and made a few impactful rule changes.

1. All bats except -3 bats must be certified and stamped by USA Baseball. Drop 3 (-3) bats must be BBCOR certified and stamped.

2. Pony will now follow the Pitch Smart pitch count as outlined by MLB. Please see mlb.com then Pitch Smart.

3. Pony has changed the cutoff date to determine a players division eligibility. The new cutoff date is August 31st. A player’s age on August 31 is the age division the player must play. For example, for the spring 2018 season a player who will be 13 as of August 31st must play in the pony division. Because of the sudden change Pony is allowing us to let players who would have been eligible to play under the old April 30th cutoff date to play one more season instead of being forced out of the league. This exemption is for 2018 only, 2019 will strictly follow the August 31st cutoff. These players who play in the pony division as 15 year olds will not be eligible to participate in the 2018 all star program. All Stars must follow the August 31st cutoff date to determine eligibility.